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70,000 free Pistonhead beer cans to support re-opening

It has been a devastating 18 months for live music venues due to the lockdown. Artists and creatives have had nowhere to perform, and the knock-on effect has hit everyone from crew to sound and lighting engineers, security personnel, bar staff and other casual employees who rely on the hospitality sector for their income.

Because of this, The Pistonhead Foundation gave away 70,000 free beer cans to grass root music venues to support reopening July 19th, providing essential funds for to get back on their feet. Venues were asked to apply for an allocation of this stock through The Pistonhead Foundation website.

The Pistonhead Foundation, launched in 2015, is dedicated to support up-and-coming musicians, artists and independent venues in an increasingly difficult environment. So far, the Foundation has hosted fundraising events for independent music venues, record labels and artists and continues to offer artists unique spaces to showcase their work.

Pistonhead is a brew made by people who are incredibly serious and hugely passionate about what they do and about all forms of creativity, individuality and rock ‘n’ roll attitude. For the last decade, the beer has been crafted by brew masters at Brutal Brewing in Sweden, under the parole “no nonsense beer”. The whole series includes a wide range of tasty lagers in different types, at affordable prices.

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