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Code of Business Principles

Business Ethics & Social responsibility

Spendrups International's business activities must be in line with current legislation. Contacts with authorities, business partners or competitors must be characterized by professionalism, respect for good ethics, and maintained as strict business relationships to avoid suspicion of irregularities.

External representation and gifts

Representation shall not take place for the purpose of unduly influencing decisions or giving the opportunity to question the integrity or motives. Continuous and repeated representation shall not be conducted against either an individual or a group of persons. All representation must be consistent with the recipient’s own policies and guidelines. The economic value must be moderate, and the activity must be regarded as normally accepted business practice. Representation must have an immediate connection to business activities, for example business negotiations in accordance to hospitality is generally accepted. Gifts or representations given or received must be documented and filed in accordance with accepted auditing principles.

Fair competition

We use honest business practices and do not engage in or engage in any illegal form of restriction of competition, such as agreements on pricing or other terms of sale to customers, market sharing and agreements to boycott specific customers.

Direct or indirect contributions and benefits

We shall not directly or indirectly provide compensation to/or accept compensation from employees of authorities, customers, suppliers or other business partners other than what is in accordance with legislation and business ethics principles.

Suspected money laundering

We do not participate in transactions that we suspect are attempted money laundering.

Conflicts of interest

Our employees shall not participate in any external business activities that are in conflict with Spendrup International’s interests. Our employees must not use Spendrups International’s name or position for their own gain.

Supplier & business partners

Spendrups International works with an extensive number of suppliers and business partners. Some of these have a major impact on our quality and on our environmental and ethical commitments. We expect suppliers and business partners to take same responsibility, so that we can fulfill our commitments.

Business ethics

Our relationships with suppliers and other business partners are characterized by professionalism, respect and honesty. We maintain strict business relationships to avoid suspicion of irregularities.


We will ensure that no unauthorized persons can access confidential information that we receive from suppliers or other partners.

Responsibility of suppliers and business partners

We do not accept collaborations with partners or subcontractors where we have reason to suspect that illegalities or violations of fundamental human rights exist. We expect our partners to work to ensure that their business partners take environmental and social responsibility.


We evaluate our suppliers and partners in a systematic and professional manner. The evaluations includes reviewing of quality standards of environmental issues and how to comply with current legislation, the UN Declaration of Human Rights, the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and the ILO Guidelines on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work.

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