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Responsible drinking policy

Responsible drinking policy

Spendrups International market and sell beverages with and without alcohol. We are fully aware that selling alcohol products is a great responsibility.

And for us, it is self-evident to promote healthy consumption, thus we invest in responsible marketing, collaborations and non-alcoholic beverages. Unhealthy alcohol consumption can cause a great deal of suffering and enormous problems – for those who drink, for children and adults in their environment and for entire communities.

It is important to promote healthy consumption and deal with injuries, accidents and other negative consequences. Preventing and treating drug abuse, including harmful alcohol use, is also part of the UN’s global goals for sustainable development.

Spendrups International have a great responsibility to promote a healthy alcohol culture. The marketing of our alcoholic beverages follows relevant legislation and industry practice in markets where our brands and products are present. Where we work through partners, we will always ensure that the partner follows local legislation and industry practice and/or the even higher standards of Spendrups International.

Spendrups International is a company focusing on business to business and this website is no exception to this. Nevertheless, as end consumers may end up visiting our website, we have made sure this website is in line with consumer marketing communications. As we are a Swedish business, we have chosen to accommodate to Swedish legislation and industry practice for this website. In short, this means the following.

  • Our marketing of alcoholic beverages is not specifically aimed at people under 25 years of age.
  • We do not show situations that are incompatible with alcohol, such as pregnancy or traffic.
  • We do not link health or social success with alcohol.
  • We do not encourage excessive or irresponsible alcohol consumption. Correspondingly, we do not portray abstinence or moderation in a negative way.
  • Our marketing must not be offensive or discriminatory.
  • Our marketing complies with the Alcohol Act’s requirements for special moderation – it must not be intrusive, outreach or actively encourage the use of alcohol.
  • We also place high demands on our partners and ensure that marketing activities linked to Spendrup International’s brands are carried out legally.
  • Read more in Spendrups International’s business ethics code.

Spendrups International’s marketers and its partners must have good knowledge of current legislation and industry guidelines. We always strive to be better than our competition. All new colleagues who work with marketing of Spendrups International’s alcoholic range receive a solid introduction.

This website contains information about alcoholic beverages. You must be 20 years or older to visit. Please confirm your age.

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