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Brutal Brewing

We want to give more people the opportunity to experience more and enjoy without effort. With Brutal Brewing you don’t have to be a knowledgeable and committed beer geek to discover new, exciting brews. Let us be the experts and geeks and we’ll make it easy for everyone to enjoy taste experiences beyond the usual. … Continued

Norrlands Guld

We need a voice that promotes the simple, cheerful and spontaneous. A voice that reminds us of the important thing in life – to be able to be just the way you are. Perhaps now more than ever, our unassuming and cheerful view of life in Norrland is actually needed. It’s about us being able … Continued

Gotlands Bryggeri

On the exotic island of Gotland, within the wall surrounding the hanseatic town of Visby, a medieval city listed by UNESCO as World Heritage, lies the charming brewery, known for its fantastic brews. Both the brewery and its surroundings are true treasures and should not be missed. It is now been more than 25 years … Continued


The secret behind Melleruds is simplicity. Free from disturbance and noise, it offers harmony, wherever it is served. Taking care of one century at a time, we lean back and open up a cold pilsner when fast trends fly by. Melleruds lightens up a dinner with friends, it is the obvious choice in the bar … Continued


Despite its premium pricing position, Mariestads is one of the biggest beer brands in Sweden. Its unique main brew has been rewarding people since 1848. Mariestads is a true classic, immensely appreciated by the Swedish people and ready to be presented to the rest of the world, just like ABBA, Volvo, Absolut and all the … Continued


Pistonhead is made by people who are incredibly serious and hugely passionate about what they do and about all forms of creativity, individuality and rock ‘n’ roll attitude. For the last decade, the beer has been crafted by brew masters at Brutal Brewing in Sweden, under the parole “no nonsense beer”. The whole series includes … Continued

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